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Why this platform?

Nowadays, the money operation service industry and the money exchange industry are facing with many operational difficulties. No matter whether it is in banking facilities or compliance laws, there are often many problems to tackle all at once.Our platform has been conceived to be a game-changer in the remittance industry. On top of that, our platform comprises standardized compliance standards.

Developed by Unisoft Limited, FX Partner is the only electronic trading platform on the market that provides B2B exchanges for licensed buyers. We are committed to providing quick and easy trading solutions and diversified financial products, so that you can not only find the most suitable suppliers and trading channels, but also generate more business and reach more markets.

This platform is supported by experienced professionals that come from different sectors, including change agents, financial industry, banking industry, accounting industry and finance industry. Our people will always be committed to providing licensed exchange in Hong Kong up to the highest standards of excellence.

Leveraging the company's years of financial technology experience, FX Partner now provides a one-stop financial technology platform for changers. We aim to become your strongest technology support in the remittance business.

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